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Thursday, June 14, 2007

A trip to Talang Talang during last hols =D (First day)

The whole trip was really awesome and how i wish it would never end. Even though the fees were ALOT more expensive since i wasn't the club member(T_T) and my body was aching and was sore all over after i came back, but it was really worth going there! The trip lasted for 3 days 2 nights from the 1st - 3rd of June and it was held by our school's environmental club.

First day~~
Once we reached the resort, it was about 12++p.m or 1++p.m and all of us were disappointed once we got into the "long house" which we were going to stay in overnight =S Reason was, the facilities inside... really suck chin! As for the girl's room, they saw a freaking big lizard inside, xD and all of them went shouting and screaming =P Wen Chuan was like “英雄救美”(Hero save the beauty?xD) and chased the lizard away~haha. After a while, we were asked to speed up in preparing as we were taking a speed boat to Talang Talang. We were the first group going there and the second group will only be going the next morning.
We went to Palm beach first by walking, which was a few hundred meters apart from our resort(but our teacher who was in charge of this trip--Zhi yi told us it was just about 50meters NIA!!!=.=,and we were like, what the heck,why we haven't reached there...), since we were departing for Talang Talang from there. There were two boats taking us and all of us were so excited about going Talang Talang xD.

The way to Talang Talang~Wooohooooooo~~~

Those on the other boat=P

Not sure what was the speed boat driver doing, but i guess he was testing the depth la =P

It took about ten minutes plus to reach there and we stopped in the sea not far from Talang Talang for snorkelling to check out the corals under the sea.

The sailor explaining......blablabla i never listened =P
After the explanation, those who wanted to go for snorkelling wore the snorkel and the mask. What a shame, missed to take picture while snorkelling...=(
The sea there was too SALTY that it tasted bitter!!!!
Honestly, i din't really see any beautiful coral or whatever inside xD, all i could see was black, dark green and some dark blue maybe xD, the coral wasn't flashy at all.

The place where we were snorkelling(on the way to Talang Talang)~~

After we have done snorkelling, our next destination was Talang Talang~
It took us a few minutes to reach there.

People were going down from the boat towards the island~

We could see lots of eggshells as we walked on the sand. There were lots of big hole in the sand as well and the sailor told us that was the place where turtles sleep =S

Eggshells~Looked exactly like a deformed Ping Pong xD

Outside the wood house where the guard family was living(not far from the sea), there were a few banisters with net enclosing a large square area, and inside it, lots of smaller net can be seen. It was said that the turtle egg is inside, so if any of the turtle eggs hatched, they could count the number of the baby turtles or whatever.

Where the turtle egg are hidden~~

The wood house where the guard lives

After we have looked around, we were about to leave. Before that, we took some pictures with teacher as a remembrance =D~

Not yet ready for picture eh?Haha

Cheese~ =D

After that, all of us rushed to the sea to take some pictures before leaving, and that was when the unfortunate incident happened T_T. My handphone was inside Tutu's sling bag, and at that moment, everyone was like so excited and rushed to the sea so that they would be in the picture. The same went with Tutu, she rushed in without thinking that her handbag was with her!!! After we have taken the picture, she realized that her bag was totally immersed and got wet. Her handphone and mine wasn't working anymore after that. How sad =(

OH MAN....CAN U SEE THE BAG? ARGGGGH!!! MY HANDPHONE WAS SOAKING INSIDE T_T and see her happy face(while our hp were suffering xD) LOL! FEEL LIKE SLAPPING ARH LMAO XD

My dead handphone T_T

After that, we got back to our place and it was leisure time until the cooking competition~
We(my teammates) had decided to fry Bihun with laksa seasoning for the main food and butter cake with "C MI LU"(a kind of a desert with sago, honey dew and milk inside)for the dessert. Before the trip, i told my cousin aka crazy.sot.gila about the food i was going to cook and asked him to help me name the food. He came out with a lame name which was kinda cute for the dessert, since its butter cake and "C MI LU" he named it "SEE MI LULU" and "BUTTER LULU" ^^" =.=. Wanted to discuss with my teammate about the name of the food, but I have totally forgotten about that!!! When the teacher asked for the name, i was like OMG, I haven't come out with a nice name with my teammate!!! That was when I simply chose one name because I had no choice. Named the Laksa Bihun "LakFen"(Laksa MiFen) and then, used my cousin's idea for the desert-Butter Lu Lu. ^^"

See, our food looked very delicious right? =D
Most importantly, WE WON THE COMPETITION XD, can you imagine how nice the food was?XD I bet you are drooling right now xD

The other group's food~~

After the dinner, some of us went out to the beach to catch some "crab", thanks to Adam, he said there would be lotsa big crab, but what we have got was just small ones, some that are really tiny =.=" We put those crab in a dirty tub which has some cement over the inner surface and placed it in a box. Some of us just looked on dumbly, waiting for the crab to climb out of the tub xD Sometimes, the crab almost got out, then dropped down again, so it was kinda interesting to look at xD

After that................SLEEPING TIME......most of us went to sleep coz it was very late already haha^^"


Ai Ling PiggY said...

i tin tis blog juz first day nia rite? how bout 2nd n 3rd, i so excited to see ur blog ler... ord so long u juz post ah, but nvm la... at least i knw s'wak rite,have such a nice place... actually whr is talang talang wor?? hope to see ur blog soon...

Ai Ling PiggY said...

forget to ask tat.. y talang thr got turtle egg de? reli wanna know whr is tat place lai de ler.. n the sea so blue.. n the surroundding feel like so nice lo.. the water reli salt ah? HahaHAha...y i dun tin so ler..?? and u n ur teamates de food ah, reli damn many wor... izzit all juz ur 2 ppl cook de ma,y feel like cant trust de... hohoho... but cong tat ur guys won de competition le... reli proud of u ler...!! i tin de most funny is the girl tat make ur hp 'swim at the water' de... hahaAHahAHa... now i reli knw y she can totalily forget bout her bag thr have many hp... n u still take photo with ur 'dead hp'... HAHAHAHAHA... reli funny la.... faster post another blog le...

Ding said...

HEY< your talang talang trip... ahhhh... i wish to go but it's tooooooo expensive. sienz~ and the photo with the bag merged in the water and tutu is still so happy... and the photo which you lifted your hp high, that's freaking cooll.... anahahahah,, and it's so funny.. tutu is cute..hahaha

Emily said...

i can see that everyone loves tutu~ hahaha she's such an ass! A hilarious ass! that photo is really so so funny man~ it cracked me up! it's so ah tu, to look so content and happy but just beside her the bag is immersed in the water, thoroughly soaked. and your precious handphone is in there. AHAHAHAHAHHA does she know bout this???? you've gotta print that one out and stick it to our class board

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